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Monitoring long term (years 4-7) yield persistence, biomass quality and impacts on soil on existing MISCOMAR trials on marginal lands in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom

wp3Leader: Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas

The objective of WP3 is to determine the long-term yield potential and resilience of miscanthus on MaCL, to assess the long-term nutrient balance of Miscanthus cultivation and to reveal the long-term effects of Miscanthus cultivation on soil health, soil properties and soil fertility. To assess this, existing long-term trials established in the MISCOMAR project (FACCE Surplus Call 1) are continued and continuously monitored. Also other existing field trials (several years old) are sampled to receive information about long-term nutrient balance of unfertilized Miscanthus or reverted to arable land to identify the impact of long-term miscanthus on soil fertility compared to annual cropping.