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About Project

Project Goals

MISCOMAR+ will extend the evidence-base for Miscanthus as a leading perennial bioenergy crop for Marginal, Contaminated, and industrially damaged Land (MaCL)

using interdisciplinary academic and industrial expertise, with novel Miscanthus hybrids bred for climate change resilience.

Miscanthus on MaCL represents smart bioenergy because biomass is produced by the most sustainable means on land that is currently unsuitable for food production. Our approaches have potential to boost productivity from poorly functioning land whilst improving ecosystem services.

The MISCOMAR+ consortium comprises Miscanthus breeders, agronomists, physiologists, soil scientists, and biomass conversion engineers in the UK, France, Germany and Poland. Academics will work closely with SMEs to deliver robust agronomies for crop establishment on challenging MaCL, with innovative biorefinery options for the circular bioeconomy.