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Study visit on the experimental plantation of the Miscomar plus project

On July 13, 2022, the Miscomar plus project was presented during a study visit of a delegation from Kosovo within the Secretariat of the European Commission's "Initiative for Coal Regions in Transition in the Western Balkans and Ukraine".

During the meeting, Dr. Jacek Krzyżak from the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas presented the Miscomar plus project in the City Hall of Bytom. After that, the guests visited the project's experimental plantation on soil contaminated with heavy metals.

During the field visit, the guests received detailed information on the research conducted, both in the field of cultivation and methods of using biomass for energy purposes and as a raw material for paper production.

The field visit was attended by representatives of the delegation from Kosovo representing state authorities, energy companies and mining communities. Poland was represented by Silesian Marshall Office, Bytom City officials responsible for environmental protection, representatives of the Central Mining Institute and associations of mining municipalities in Poland.


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