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IETU webinar - The effect of various agrotechnical treatments on the acclimatization of Miscanthus grown in soil contaminated with heavy metals - MISCOMAR+ Project

On 20 October 2022, as part of a series of scientific seminars organised by the Institute of Ecology of Industrial Areas, Dr Jacek Krzyżak presented the progress of the work carried out in the Miscomar + project, particularly regarding the impact of various agrotechnical treatments on the success of establishing miscanthus plantations.

The Miscomar + Project General Assembly was held in Nochten, Germany, from 11 to 13 October 2022

The meeting was attended by a representative of the project consortium: Dr Elaine Jensen, Aberystwyth University, project coordinator; Dr Andreas Kiesel, Eva Lewin and Nirvana Marting from the University of Hohenheim, Dr Marcin Siedlecki from CBI Pro-Akademia, Dr Marta Pogrzeba and Dr Jacek Krzyżak from IETU, and Uwe Kuhn and Carmen Retzela from Kuehn Innocast. During the meeting, consortium members presented the progress of work on the project under specific work packages.

ESOF 2022

MISCOMAR Plus project was presented at EuroScience2022 Katowice Regional Site in the Science for Local government panel. Prof. Marta Pogrzeba from IETU in the presentation “Adaptation of cities to climate change and examples of good post-industrial land development” presented, among other things, how the Miscomar Plus project research contributes to the transformation of contaminated land and gives it new functions.

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