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EIP-AGRI MINI PAPER 4: Industrial crops for marginal and contaminated lands and for intermediate crops and intercropping strategies

The cultivation of industrial crops is generally promoted and supported for non-food purposes on marginal and contaminated lands. Most of these crops are used to produce a number of value added bio-products as well as bioenergy, thus contributing to the biobased economy. The EIP-AGRI Focus Group on Sustainable industrial crops discussed possibilities of enchance the industrial crop area in Europe based on knowledge and practices developed for each plants so far. Among the many examples, the MISCOMAR and MISCOMAR + projects were also presented.

New field experiment – Bytom, Poland, part 2

It's September, the growing season is coming to an end and we are currently three months after the experiment establishment. . As a part of the experimental work, we did the assessment of the plantation establishment success – counting the number of survived plants, measure of plant height and the number of shoots.

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