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An international scientific journal - Plants, has published an paper about the MISCOMAR project:

Field Evaluation of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Colonization in Miscanthus × giganteus and Seed-Based Miscanthus Hybrids Grown in Heavy-Metal-Polluted Areas

Szada-Borzyszkowska A.; Krzyżak J.; Rusinowski S.; Sitko K., Pogrzeba M.

Plants, Vol. 11, 1216, 2022

New field experiment – Bytom, Poland, part 2

It's September, the growing season is coming to an end and we are currently three months after the experiment establishment. . As a part of the experimental work, we did the assessment of the plantation establishment success – counting the number of survived plants, measure of plant height and the number of shoots.

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